Services such as: Intake, (Head)Hunting, Selecting, Placement, Executive search, Reference/Background check
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  • Design and implement overall recruiting strategy
  • Consult with managers to discover staff requirements and specific job objectives
  • Employ recruiting methods to attract candidates (e.g. job advertising)
  • Evaluate resumes and applications
  • Source candidates using databases, social media etc.
  • Assume responsibility of (pre-)interview screening/conduct interviews
  • Match the most suitable candidates to different positions
  • Use recruiting tools like tests and assignments to assess candidates’ skills
  • Provide a shortlist of qualified candidates to hiring managers
  • Maintain a complete record of interviews and new hires
Recruitment Opties:
  • NCNP: recruitment based on No Cure No Pay,
  • Exclusivity: recruitment based on exclusivity, 
  • Fixed Fee: recruitment based on exclusivity, with guarantee.
  • Project Management/RPO however you wish, x amount of days a week for x amount of weeks as dedicated in-house recruiter, yet to be determined hour/day fee rate.